22nd St Bayside Ocean City Maryland

Open 11am-2am, 7 Days a week

Why go bar hopping, when you can hop on a bar!

Book for birthdays, retirement, bar hopping, bachelor / bachelorette parties or just for the heck of it. We provide a cooler, ice and captain! All you need to bring are your favorite drinks & snacks. Per person & private charters available (up to six people). Custom tours also available, Contact us for pricing and customize your tour today. 410-289-7438

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I book my cruise?
A: You can book your cruise oline anytime, click here. We operate 7 days a week starting at 9am. There you can see the availability in real time.

Q: What types of cruises do you offer?
A: We offer 4 different cruises:
Morning Mimosa – 9am, 2 hrs. $75/pp or book entire boat for $400
Sandbar Hopping – 12pm, 3 hrs $90/pp or book entire boat for $500
Isle of Wight Bay Cruise – 4pm, 2 hrs, $75/pp or book the entire boat for $400
Sunset Tiki Cruise – 7pm, 2 hrs, $75/pp or book the entire boat for $400
Customized Cruise – are available upon request if the scheduling permits.

Q: What should I bring on my Tiki Cruise?
A: Most importantly your booking confirmation as this is how we know it’s you who chartered the cruise. It’s important to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and maybe a hat as the sun is hot and we want you to be most comfortable. You should also bring all your food and beverages and items to served them. We will provide a cooler filled with ice to keep everything cold for you.

Q: How long is the cruise and can we go longer than allowed?
A: Our cruises are in a two-hour or three-hour time slot. You can check with the Tackle Shop to see if a longer cruise is available for that day. We suggest booking a double time slot online to in sure your reservation for that day.

Q: Should we wear our bathing suits?
A: Only if you wish to go swimming. If you do, we do suggest bringing beach towels too.

Q: Who is our Captain?
A: One of our captains is Capt. Todd Kennedy who is USCG certified and licensed OUPV operator. He is better known as Capt. Tiki Todd. Capt. Todd has spent all is life on the water and has lived in Ocean City, MD for the past 15 years. He loves to fish and has a vast knowledge of the waterways and OC History.

Q: Is there a bathroom on board?
A: No.

Q: Do we bring our life jackets?
A: No, we provide all the life jackets for adults and children.

Q: Is the boat stable?
A: Yes! The Tiki Boat is very stable because it sits on twenty-five 55-gallon compressed air-filled barrels that will not sink.

Q: Do children count as adults?
A: Yes, children do count as adults. The maximum amount of lives we can have on a boat is 6 plus the captain.

Q: Can we get off the boat?
A: Yes, you can get off the boat while we are anchored. There is no jumping or diving allowed. We will only pull up to a sandbar for easy access to and from the boat.

Q: Can we bring our own music?
A: Yes! We have a Bluetooth system on board! Just make sure your phone is charged up!

Q: How fast does the boat go?
A: The boat goes 4 to 6 mph on open water.

Q: Do we have to wear shoes?
A: Yes, please wear shoes as our boat is made from wood and splinters do happen.

Q: What are the rules of the boat?
These rules are established for your safety and others.
No Littering. It’s important to leave our coastal waterways pristine and healthy for our marine animals.
No reckless behavior. Yes, we want you to have fun but in a safe manner.
No controlled substances. It’s the law.
No indecent exposure.
Damage to the boat will result in police interaction.
Captain’s orders are final. If any rules are broken, the trip will be forfeitable.